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WHat is Snus / snuff

Introduction snus / snuff

Snus (also known as snuff) is a moist powder tobacco product and is used orally by placing it under the upper lip. Snus is primarily produced and consumed in Norway and Sweden. Snus has also been introduced in the US and is already popular with sportsmen, because it doesn´t have a direct effect on your lungs.

In Sweden snus is the national tobacco for smokeless enjoyment of nicotine. More and more smokers replace the cigarette by snus. It is a social way of enjoying tobacco. You can use it everywhere and nobody else around you will be bothered and harmed by cigarette smoke.

Types of snus

Snus can be divided in two main types and many flavors:

loose snus and portion snus

How to use snus?

You place a portion of snus under the upper lip and you get rid of it when you consumed enough nicotine. One portion snus can contain the amount of nicotine of a couple of cigarettes. Snus can offer you a relaxt feeling. Non-smokers can react much stronger on the usage of snus than frequent smokers. The usage of alcohol can increase the effect of snus.

After 10-15 minutes the snus looses it’s working and then you can remove the small portion bag or ball out of your mouth. Snus is packed in a small plastic box that you can compare with shoe polish boxes. To keep Snus fresh for a period of weeks you can store it in your fridge. For a longer period, maximum one year, it should be frozen. To avoid the snus from drying out you can best use freezing bag. At the bottem of the box you will find the expiration date. You can of course use the snus after this date, but the snus will probably be a bit dryer. Some drops of water of whiskey can make it less dry for usage.