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"As cigarette sales dip, new products raise concerns"

USA - The Marlboro Man, that cigarette-smoking icon of the tobacco industry, is more than a half-century old. If he were conceived today, there might not be just a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He might also have, tucked into his pocket, a cellphone-size container holding a dozen pouches of snus.

Reuters, 21 augustus 2007
"Philip Morris to test moist smokeless Marlboro"

CHICAGO- Philip Morris USA said on Tuesday it would start selling Marlboro chewing tobacco in Atlanta this October, marking the latest step in the cigarette maker's plan to diversify its lineup of tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco is seen as an attractive new market for cigarette makers that have seen smoking steadily decline in the United States.

Newsvine, 9 mei 2007
"Doctors: Swedish Snus Cut Risk of Cancer"

Smokers looking for a less harmful way to get their nicotine fix should switch to Swedish snus — a smokeless tobacco that puts them at a significantly lower risk of cancer than cigarettes, doctors say in an article posted online Thursday in The Lancet.