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"Snus is bad for your health "

Snus is bad for your health. We would never advise you to start using snus, but we do want to offer you objective information about this product. Snus can be a social replacement for the cigarette. Scientific studies show that smokeless products pose fewer health risks than cigarettes, largely because the tobacco is not burned and inhaled into the lungs. Snus brings nicotine into the human body and that is bad for your health.

The Third National Cancer Survey found that men who used smokeless tobacco had a nearly fourfold increased risk of developing oral cancer compared with nonusers. The use of smokeless tobacco causes other problems. Gums may recede from teeth in the spot where tobacco is held in the mouth. This causes tooth loss. And increased tooth decay can result from the large amount of sugar contained in chewing tobacco. Studies show that the elevated levels of nicotine in the blood that result from using smokeless tobacco are similar to those produced by smoking cigarettes. Persons who use snuff or chewing tobacco experience increases in heart rate and blood pressure similar to those experienced by smokers. And the use of smokeless tobacco is linked with head and neck cancer. Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as smoking tobacco, and regular use is likely to result in long-term nicotine dependence and its associated health risks. Snuff and chewing tobacco also quickly diminish the senses of taste and smell, and these drugs increase bad breath.

For more information about stop smoking or using snus we refer you to, Department for health.