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Sales of snus were forbidden by the EU in 1992. However, Sweden obtained an exemption from the ban for the Swedish market at the time of its accession in 1995. Snushop.eu want to serve the European market as good as possible and investigates the possibilities for selling snus via this domain.

You can buy snus online via Swedish websites. Below you will find an overview of the most important snus shops and producers.


This web shop is available in more languages and offers a wide and complete assortment. You can pay by banktransfer and credit cards. Delivery via Swedish Post.


This web shop is only available in English and Swedish. The website looks a bit chaotic, but offers a complete assortment. You can pay with the known credit cards. Delivery within 24 hours via UPS or Swedish Post.


This web shop shows the information and products in a proffesional way . You can pay with credit cards. Delivery via Swedish Post.